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Security Overview»


Security is critical when we deploy an API that manipulates Active Directory data and DNS records.

Token Authentication»

KopiCloud AD API uses tokens to authenticate to the API instead of usernames and passwords.

Please refer to the following documentation for details:

API Actions»

When you use KopiCloud AD API based on the permissions in your AD account, you will be limited to executing specific actions:

Action Name Action Description
Login Login to the KopiCloud AD API Management Portal
Create Tokens Create authentication tokens
Manage Tokens Enable or Disable authentication tokens
Delete Tokens Delete authentication tokens
Call API Methods for AD Only execute API AD Methods
Call API Methods for DNS Only execute API DNS Methods
Call ALL API Methods Execute ALL API Methods
No API Methods Execution Cannot Execute ANY API Methods
View Event Logs View the Event Logs
No Event Log Access Cannot Access the Event Logs

Restricted Access to Domain Administrators»

To login into the KopiCloud AD API Management Portal, the machine must be joined to AD, and your AD domain account must be a member of the AD Domain Admins group.

The default domain admin group can be different based on your environment:

Environment Type Group Name
Microsoft Active Directory Implementations Domain Admins
AWS Managed Microsoft AD Directory AWS Delegated Administrators
GCP Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory Cloud Service Administrators
Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AADDS) AAD DC Administrators

Note: Members of AD Groups listed above Login, Create and Manage ALL Tokens, Delete Tokens, Call ALL API Methods, and View Event Log.

Default API AD Groups»

By default, We defined a list security groups, with specific permissions.

Group Name Use Actions Allowed
APIAuthenticationGroup Call ALL API Methods Login, Create tokens, Call ALL API Methods, No Event Logs
APIADAuthenticationGroup Call AD API Methods Login, Create tokens, Call API Methods for AD, No Event Logs
APIDNSAuthenticationGroup Call DNS API Methods Login, Create tokens, Call API Methods for DNS, No Event Logs
APIAdminGroup Admin Access Login, Create, Manage & Delete Tokens, Call ALL API Methods, View Event Logs
APISecurityGroup Security Team Access Login, Create, Manage & Delete Tokens, View Event Logs, No API Method Calls
APITokenAuthenticationGroup Manage Tokens Login, Create Tokens, Manage Token, No API Method Calls, No Event Logs
APILogAccessGroup View Event Logs Login, View Event Logs, No Token Management, No API Method Calls

To use these groups, check this link.