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KopiCloud AD API Intro»

KopiCloud AD API is a REST API designed to manage securely Microsoft Active Directory and DNS from custom applications, automation tools, DevOps pipelines, and Terraform.

Why KopiCloud AD API»

So, why do you need to use KopiCloud Active Directory API?

  • Token List No official API from Microsoft

    There is no official Microsoft API, so if you want to automate access to the Active Directory or DNS, you must write your own API or execute PowerShell commands.

  • Token List We use Tokens instead of Passwords

    We use an API with authentication tokens instead of using usernames and passwords with WinRM to access Active Directory or DNS. WinRM is not required. These tokens can be used for a limited time or forever.

  • Token List We keep a log of everything

    Every task or action executed is written in a log, so you know who and when they call any API method. Coming soon, you will be able to forward events to several SIEMs.

  • Token List Automate AD with our Terraform Provider

    Create service accounts in AD, create DNS records, create AD Users, create AD Groups, create AD Organization Unit, reset AD User passwords, and more.

  • Token List Designed for all kinds of companies

    We have plenty of pre-configured security access groups. The API provides many options if you are a small company or a large enterprise with a dedicated security team.

  • Token List Production or Test Environment?

    Both. If you are in production, every call is secured using a token, and everything is logged. Or you can disable the token authentication if running in a test environment.

A Bit of History»

KopiCloud AD API was born many years ago from a personal need, like most of our KopiCloud tools.

In 2014, I started a project called KopiBoot, a tool to automate the deployment of Windows applications on the public and private cloud. This project included the initial code to create resources in Active Directory and DNS, used by this API.

After that, I developed a simple API for customers to integrate their existing apps with Active Directory.

Over the years, I used and expanded the API with many new functionalities for more customers, including DNS and integration with cloud-managed Active Directories, such as AWS Managed Microsoft AD, Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS), and GCP Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory.

It was implemented in AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI cloud environments, from global insurance companies to government entities and startups.

And lots of these customers loved it so much that they asked to publish it, so they don’t need to maintain it anymore 😊

Publishing a very large and complex web app required lots of time and effort from a team of developers for over a year.

We improved the UI, created a new setup application, added new methods, and extended some existing methods with more functionalities.

We need to test the code to make sure it works perfectly and need to spend hours and hours documenting the API.

Some of our previous customers called the API from Terraform, so we created a Terraform Provider. So we need to make many changes so they can work with our Terraform Provider.

Creating the Terraform Provider required rewriting over 40% of the methods and adding a few extra methods.

Our team has worked hard for over a year, so you don't have to.