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Event Logging»


An event is logged each time an API method is invoked.

These event logs are used to audit actions performed by the API, so you know who and when they call any API method.

All the information is stored in a database and can be exported to your favorite SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) software.

By default all events are written to KopiCloud API Event Log and the Windows Event Log.

KopiCloud API Event Log»

To review the KopiCloud API Event Log, log in to the KopiCloud AD API Management Portal and click on the Logs menu.

Use the top right filter to filter events using a date range.

Event Log

Windows Event Log»

KopiCloud AD API also can write all the events to the Windows Event Viewer.

Change the Logging Setting Page to enable or disable writing events to Windows Event Log.

Event Log

SIEM Support»

Coming soon, you can forward events to several SIEMs such as Splunk, Elastic, Azure Log Analytics, AWS CloudWatch, Datadog, Dynatrace, etc.

Please Request New Features or check our Roadmap to prioritize your favorite SIEM.