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Active Directory with Terraform»

Terraform KopiCloud_AD_API

Manage Microsoft Active Directory using the KopiCloud AD Terraform Provider.

AD Terraform Resources»

The provider includes Terraform Resources to manipulate AD resources:

  • kopicloud_computer - Create, Update, or Destroy an AD Computer

  • kopicloud_distribution_group - Create, Update, or Delete an AD Distribution Group

  • kopicloud_security_group - Create, Update, or Delete an AD Security Group

  • kopicloud_group_membership - Add an AD User to an AD Group

  • kopicloud_ou - Create, Update, or Delete an AD Organization Unit (OU)

  • kopicloud_user - Create, Update, or Delete an AD User

  • kopicloud_user_disable_account - Disable an AD User

  • kopicloud_user_enable_account - Enable an AD User

  • kopicloud_user_password_reset - Reset the Password of an AD User

  • kopicloud_user_rename_account - Rename an AD User

  • kopicloud_user_unlock_account - Unlock an AD User

AD Terraform Data Sources»

The provider includes Terraform Data Sources to list existing AD resources:

  • kopicloud_computer_list - List AD Computers

  • kopicloud_distribution_group_list - List AD Distribution Groups

  • kopicloud_security_group_list - List AD Security Groups

  • kopicloud_group_list - List all AD Groups

  • kopicloud_group_membership_list - List AD Groups Associated with an AD Username

  • kopicloud_ou_list - List AD Organization Units (OUs)

  • kopicloud_user_list - List Users in the AD