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KopiCloud AD API Licensing»


Understanding licensing is essential before you purchase or evaluate the product.

We offer four types of licenses:

  • Trial
  • Yearly License
  • Perpetual License

Trial License»

Trial License

To get a trial license, log in to KopiCloud AD API Website with your account or create a new account.

Go to the Settings page, click the Trial menu, enter your name and company, and click the Generate Trial button.

Note #1: there is a limit on the number of trial licenses you can generate.

Note #2: the trial starts when you activate your license.

Subscription Mode or Perpetual License»

License Type

The API is licensed in two ways: subscription mode or perpetual license.

The subscription mode is recommended to evaluate the product or short-term projects, and the perpetual license is recommended for long-term projects.

  • Subscription Mode: recommended to evaluate the product or short-term projects. You can cancel your subscription anytime. Reduce your upfront costs and pay a low regular monthly or yearly fee.

  • Perpetual License: recommended for long-term projects when you will invest in software integration. You pay upfront the cost of the license. However, you get a discount on the price and no extra maintenance fees.

Licensed per Active Directory Domain»

Active Directory

The API requires one API server per Active Directory Domain, so you must purchase one license per Active Directory Domain.

If you have two environments: development and production, you must purchase two licenses, one for each environment.

FREE Upgrades»

FREE Upgrades

You always will receive FREE updates when you buy a license.

No extra maintenance fee is charged.

Updates include hotfixes, or application improvements, such as new features. You can suggest and vote for new features here.

FREE Technical Support»


FREE technical support by e-mail is included with all licenses purchased during business days. Optionally, you can report issues here.

We also offer a paid consulting service to help deploy the API in hours or integrate the API into your environment if needed.

Non-Profits and Educational Institutions»


We offer discounts to eligible non-profits and educational organizations (Schools, Colleges, and Universities).

If you represent these institutions, they can receive up to 50% discount on our yearly subscription plans or perpetual licenses. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Internet Connected»


Your API server must connect to the internet to use our subscription mode licensing. Once a day, the server will contact our licensing API to validate our license.

You must purchase a perpetual license if you need to run our API in an environment without internet access.

Refund and Cancellation Policy»


We provide a trial version to let you evaluate the product to ensure it meets your needs before making a purchase. If you need any assistance or have questions during the trial, we are here to help.

After purchase, if you have an issue or are unsatisfied, please contact support; we can help you resolve any problem with the product.

We cannot offer refunds at this moment, so please start with the monthly subscription. You can always cancel every month if you are unsure.

You can upgrade your license from a monthly to a yearly subscription or perpetual license. Also, you can downgrade from a yearly to a monthly subscription at the end of your period.

Cloud Provider Marketplace License»


We offer the option to deploy and purchase KopiCloud AD API in cloud provider marketplaces.

You can choose BYO license (Bring Your Own License) to use the license purchase at the KopiCloud AD API Store or purchase the license from the cloud provider (billed by your cloud provider).

We are in the process of launching KopiCloud AD API in the AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI Marketplaces. Please get in touch with us for more details.