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Configuring KopiCloud AD API Setup»


Configuring the KopiCloud AD API on your server

Launching the Setup Config Tool»

We created a tool called KopiCloudAPIConfig.exe to simplify the API configuration, located in the C:\KopiCloud-AD-API-Config folder.

If the folder C:\KopiCloud-AD-API-Config doesn't exist, go to C:\KopiCloud-AD-API-Setup folder and execute the file **Launch-Config.exe".

Note #1: Launch-Config.exe download the latest version of KopiCloudAPIConfig.exe tool.

Note #2: You can use the file kopicloud-ad-api-setup.config to automate the Configuration of KopiCloud AD API.

This tool will execute several tasks for you:

  • Validate the machine.
  • Check if the user logged in is an AD account.
  • Check if Service Account is valid.
  • Set folder permissions to the Service Account.
  • Configure the IIS API Application Pool to use the Service Account.
  • Configure the IIS API Web Site to use the Service Account.
  • Generate an SSL self-signing certificate.
  • Validate SQL Server database connection.
  • Update the Application Settings file.
  • Restart the IIS to apply changes.